Hair Craft Co. COVID-19 Response

Our mission is to focus on your hair so you can focus on what matters. I think every person reading this can agree that our focus and definition of what matters has changed these past few weeks. 

For many of us, our focus has shifted. Health, safety, employment, and even surfing have become luxuries. We are living in a world filled with uncertainty. No pundit has a clue what’s coming next - we are in uncharted territory. 

Like any other startup, we built this business surrounded by chaos. Chaos has come in all forms - unfilled shipments, product pivots, and undeveloped processes. The list is endless. We brought order to this chaos by listening to you - the community that pushes us to be the best brand we can be. 

Throughout human history, we have conquered adversity and advanced as a species in the process. There is no question we will do it again. At this moment the question is, how do you bring order to a chaos that’s changing the world? The short answer is together - as a community. With the world slowing down, we’ve been circling back to those things that matter. We’ve shared a few with you below.


As a team we’ve reflected on what we are grateful for every day. We are grateful for you - every review, every message - your feedback drives us to be better. We are grateful for our families and friends who have been there for us since the beginning. Gratitude should be expressed continuously with or without a crisis. We challenge you to make the Facetime, schedule the Zoom conference call, and pop that bottle of wine. Take this time to express your gratitude to the people that matter most.


Building our business in San Diego, we have seen firsthand the impact this has had on our hotels, restaurants, and bars. Many of our friends have lost their jobs and now more than ever we need to support our local businesses who helped create our most cherished memories. Order delivery and takeout support your local businesses with that well-deserved tip. Your tip is helping someone pay their utility bill.


Craft is one of our core values, inspired by the tagline “Mastering Your Craft”. Not even this pandemic can stop us from the constant pursuit of perfection. We encourage you to read that book, schedule your daily run, download Duolingo. We don’t control our circumstances, but we do control our output. If you’re reading this - we know you believe this too. 

If you have read this far, we want to thank you again for your support. You won’t find total units sold on our balance sheets or forecasts, but you will see total lives impacted. That has been our commitment to you and our resolve has never been stronger. As we mentioned earlier - we will get through this together and we will master our craft along the way.



With gratitude,

Leo & Alex, Founders

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