I’m a filmmaker from Florida with a love for adventure and a background in professional soccer. Mixing my passions of creative storytelling, chasing thrills, and pushing my body to the limits I created a career as a travel filmmaker. It started as nothing more than a dream but with a clear vision and a “nothing will stop me” mindset, I’m fortunate to call this my full-time job. I’m nowhere near where I want to be but every day I’m getting closer. Mastering my craft if you will…


I grew up in Tampa, Florida and up until I was 21 years old my entire life was soccer. Long story short, after a successful college career I pursued playing professionally for a year. After injuries, being released and a bit of misfortune I decided to call it. As one dream was ending another quickly formed. In simple terms, I wanted to spend my life traveling, experiencing different cultures, and making videos of my adventures. In 2019, I moved to Atlanta and started a corporate job (it sucked) to make ends meet. Over the next 12 months I poured everything I had into teaching myself (from scratch) the industry of video production. I had literally zero background in this stuff before I started. I left my corporate job in June 2020 to pursue this dream full time and here we are.


I draw confidence from this one little phrase my best friend and I say to each other: “Don’t be average.” Three words and so simple. To break it down, average is all around us, every day. Whether it’s staying at a job you hate because the risk of chasing a dream is uncomfortable, or on the other hand, not even having a dream and just accepting that your 9-5 drag of a job is how you will spend your life. Average. We told ourselves we’d never settle and never sell ourselves short. That’s where I draw the confidence to continue running hard after something I believe in. Run from average.